About Me

Alec is a writer and producer. He is the former head of Wisecrack, where he explored the intersection of culture, history and philosophy.

He has also produced for Slate’s Hi-Phi Nation, Cited Media, and More Perfect Union.

He currently lives in Brooklyn.



Living in a Zoopolis,” Hi-Phi Nation, Slate

Effective Altruism and its Critics,” Hi-Phi Nation, Slate

Democracy and the Decline of Reason,” The Order of Things, Critical Theory


“Do Robots Deserve Rights?” In a Nutshell
“Plato’s Best and Worst Ideas,” Ted-Ed
“The American Climate Corp – Explained,” More Perfect Union
“The Internet Was a Mistake,” Wisecrack
“How Nonsense Conquered the Workplace,” Wisecrack

Other Projects

Wisecrack on Medium (Editor-in-Chief)